Make a Habit of "Going"

We want to help you grow in your relationship with Christ, but we also want to encourage you to be an influence for Him in your world.  One of the best ways for you to accomplish this is to get involved in the life of the church. A good starting point for church involvement would be to dedicate three hours of your week to being involved at church.  Those three hours could be: 

  1. An hour of corporate worship.
  2. An hour of small group Bible study.
  3. An hour of serving.
Relationships with other believers help us see the big picture of God's plan for our life.  By being around other people who love, learn about, and serve Jesus you can be challenged to become more like Him in your daily life.  Understand that as a disciple you are called to go into the world to make other disciples.  "Going" is about using the influence you have in relationships with others and the resources that God provides to reach the world with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

We offer many opportunities for you to worship, participate in small group bible studies, and serve in the various ministries of our church that will help you make a habit of "going". 

We also offer "Discipleship University" during our Fall and Spring semesters.  These classes are designed to help you dive deep into God's word through in-depth Bible study.  More information about these classes can be found on our "Discipleship University" page.